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Two OME frags are better than one - Coral Saw to the rescue

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A quick share.   I've been growing out an Oregon Mummy Eye chalice.   It was doing great, it died way back during my 2021 battle with Dinos (different thread), and has been recovering.   But I really want TWO colonies, not one.   So I cut my frag, it's plug, the support plug, right down the middle.   Coral Saws are awesome.

FYI, I grow frags like this on "double decker" plugs.  So when they expand, they don't grow onto the frag rack so fast.

Photos for fun.

OME Cut in half, and the two double decker plugs setting.   Look closely, you can see the cut line on the OME plug base.  This was so clean I'm sure they'd grow back together if I let them.



Half OME frags, ready to be glued onto their new grow out plugs.



Frags glued, their original lowest tier plug removed.



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