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Percula clownfish babys


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So it's day 27. Here are my clownfish percules there are 30 in this batch it was a very weak batch. Normally I have 50 to 60. But here they are. Some are starting to show signs of their second stripe and they are turning orange. They are eating flake food and baby brine shrimp. They haven't moved out to their grow up tank yet but it is all set up. They are going to move shortly they have zero ammonia in their tank zero nitrite. pH 8.2. their nitrates is 50 parts per million but I'm not worried about that because babies can take that. And I'm not going to do another water change until I move them. When I move them they just get tossed into their new tank. To acclimate them is a bad thing that can stress them out and kill them All at that age. But I will make sure the water temperature and all the tests are the same before I move them. Both tanks got the water from the same tank so they're exact. Except for the nitrate of course. Just a couple more days and they get moved over and get their first filter. 





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