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Anyone dosing iron?


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I've been following the Reef Moonshiners program since fall of 2021.  (basically, take ICP test monthly, enter into excel sheet, get recommendations what to add).   Download the Reef Moonshiners Handbook (free) and read.  You'll find Iron should be undetectable in an ICP test, and then it's recommended for "Daily Dosing."    If you tell me how many gallons your tank is, I'll type it into the excel sheet and tell you their recommendation.   On my 350 total volume system it's two drops/day of their solution.    Yes, I'm doing it and Chaeto is growing.

FYI, elements recommended for daily addition are: Iron, Manganese, Chromium, and Cobalt  (yes, I'm using them all)

I can't claim magic from Moonshiner program, but my elemental chemistry has been interesting to watch via monthly ICP tests, monthly "corrections" to bring elements back in range, and to see which elements tend to run out month-over-month.  For example, the last two months, both Zinc and Nickle have been almost zero on monthly ICP tests.  I do Full Strength corrections, and the next month... basically zero.    Oh, and my corals are growing well.    (remember I was also fighting Dinos,  chemical imbalance, then Aptasia, ...  now sps have returned to growth)


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