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Wts Biocube 32


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I have a biocube 32 I have the tank for little over 2 years now the tank had a slight crash about 4 months ago and there is still green hair algae but is coming back now. 


Tank stand and custom wood hood make offer 

Radion gen5 g15 blue $350 

biocube protein skimmer v2 works very well $30

Hanna phos and alk testers with extra regent nyos nitrate, Red Sea calcium Testers make offer 

kalk 2 $15 

phosphate remover $10

Tunze 10k fuge light $50

Tunze 6040 pump $60

Sicce nano 530 $30

ebay chiller :sold 

Pinpoint ph monitor needs new probe $75 

Milwaukee ph controller mc 122 $ 110 

aquamax nano calcium reactor $100

Calcium reactor media $30 

co2 tank $30

Regulator$ 100 

3 kamoer dosers set up but never used. $45 each 
brine shrimp hatchery dish with eggs. $20 

and a lot of mote stuff

now the fish and coral

I have a neon goby, flasher wrasse never pick on corals and a yellow watchmen goby and a candy cane pistol shrimp. Make offer 


a few hammer, two candy cane, pipe organ, mushrooms and a few other things. make offer 

Selling livestock first then equipment. 

It is not letting me add more picture fell free to ask for more.









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