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Forsale Custom dual Recirc skimmer.


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I need to sell my skimmer as I'm not using it anymore, its one that I made. It is a 10" diameter body made with high quality cast acrylic, the top is a custom made black acrylic cone with a twist lock flange for the neck and collection cup. The skimmer is powered by 2 Sedra 5000 meshwheel pumps and they pull around 1200 lph of air and are setup recirculating. This skimmer was only used for around a year and very well taken care of, it still works perfect and pulls a lot of very dark junk out.


The only reason that I'm selling it is that I do not have the location or room in my new setup for a recirculating skimmer and I wanted to use an in-sump type.


There are no cracks or damage at all, only some minor cosmetic uglies on it.


I would like to sell it for $500 obo, I have well over $700 in materials in it and if you were to price a similar quality skimmer it would be more then $700...


Please let me know if you have any question about it as I built it and know everything about it.









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Thank you! Yeah it was a lot of work and a lot of research that went into making it. Its hard for me to sell cause I probably put a good 80 or more hours into it.


Oh and the sticker on it is one that a friend made for me, it says BAS Skimmers (Bad A$$ Skimmer).


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I actually I think it was a little less then that but I cannot remember. I spent a LOT of time testing the different times of mesh and the amount that was on there to get the best possible bang for the amount of the power draw. I have a bunch of the mesh left and I will include some with the skimmer if the buyer wants it.


Also here are 2 videos of the skimmer running during the test with an air gauge. The first is both pumps together and the second is just one. As you can see the solo pump is around 12 or 13 lpm and both are a little over 20 lpm I think the 2 plugged together into the gauge actually restricted the air flow a bit. Also I included a picture of the mesh on the implellor so you can see what I used.








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