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Corals and live stock


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Just trying to make funds for a build.

Alien blue orgasm zoas $20 frag

Pandora zoas $15 frag

AOG $15 frag

Bi color mini duncan colony $50(mint and lavender) one available 4+ polyps

Jack-o-lantern lepto $15-25ea

Orange ricordea yuma babies $20-50ea

Baby bengai cardinals $30ea

Pair of ocellaris clowns $50 for both

6 line wrasse $25. One available 

Lawnmower blenny $20. One available 

Hollywood stunner piece/frag $10

Lizard skin lobo 2 head$30, 3/4 head $45 (red,brown,blue,gold)

Lionfish (blind in 1 eye from pop eye few months ago. Eats pellets, flakes,frozen "no need for hand feeding ,will eat small fish if it sees and able to trap) $100(adult size)about 5-8in

Huma trigger semi reef safe(will mess with inverts) also bullies to take over kings thrown.  $80 about 4in

Domino damsel $20

Lemon drop damsel $20

In Vancouver wa.  Cash,cashapps,trade. Pm for more info/pics20220519_164904.jpg20220510_162531.jpg


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