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Tie Dye Jawbreakers


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ok I’ve had a bunch of people over years ask me to let them know when I’m selling these, and like a jerk I didn’t keep track of it… so my apologies to the group 

I’ve had the mother JB for 5 or 6 years now and originally picked her up from Legendary. This strain is truly special, it will occasionally throw out babies that develop large chunks of green within a couple months and often have red right away. I’ve now had 3 of them grow purple spots and one that even grew purple and dark orange (a 5 color JB). Strangely the OG mamma only has one tiny dot of green and us almost all red 


And for fun, here’s the 5 color one and a new baby with a green wedge 


Ok, here are the ones available 



#1 and #2 - $150 each (#1 sold, #2 pending)

#3-6 - $100 each (#6 sold)

#7 - has at least 2 dots of green (usually more open, but I made him mad moving him around) - $225


#8 - this one also has at least 2 green dots and opens to about 2”. There’s also a pretty big baby growing on the stem of the plug - $300





Let me know if you want more photos.

Location: Lake Oswego, and I’ll be at the CnC event on Sunday if anyone wants to pick up there!

Trades: I’m trying to get funds for some equipment, so not really looking for trades

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