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Painting back glass


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Couple things to know about painting your tank:

1) it looks awesome

2) it can reduce Par significantly.

3) black will reduce Par up to 30% along the back 1/3 of the tank.


great article and video: https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/content/post/does-par-testing-under-water-really-matter-brstv-investigates


my personal opinion… putting corals along the back 6 inches isn’t good for water flow and unless you keep the back glass clean it doesn’t make as much of a difference if it’s clear or painted.

Just like the stones said, “ I see a clear pane and I want to paint it Black”

Use black oil based rust oleum.  Takes longer to dry, is a pain in the backside to use, you can’t wash it off, but works the best.

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My go-to is using black Plasti Dip spray. I clean the side of the tank very well with alcohol to get rid of any oils from fingers, manufacturing, etc. I then spray about 3-5 coats of the Plasti Dip. This makes a light rubber coating that can be removed like taking a rubber glove off if you were to change the location of the tank or sell it in the future. The more coats, the easier it is to peel off.

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22 minutes ago, half-astronaut said:

Anybody try to mirror the back pane?

Also, just to clarify, it's a glass tank, right? Alcohol and acrylic don't get along. 

Check out the BRS article and video, they tested the light spread with clear, black, light blue, dark blue and mirrored.   It’s pretty interesting. 

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