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Sch 80 fittings available in town?


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I'm in need of a few sch 80 fittings and would love to simply pick them up from a local store so I can finish my build this weekend rather than order from BRS. Anyone know of source locally?

Looking for

  • 1"->3/4" reducer slip/slip
  • 3/4" 90 elbow slip/slip
  • 3/4" coupler slip/slip


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both of these will have basically anything you need:

George Moreland plumbing

fergusen plumbing


how many of each do you need and are you going to be at the meeting on Sunday? I’ve got a bunch of stuff I can bring.


also,  truly.  You don’t need schedule 80.  I’ve made that mistake.  They are crazy expensive and we don’t do anything with enough pressure to need that level of strength.  Schedule 40 will work for anything you need. 

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