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My tank!


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Hi everyone! I've been lurking on this for almost a year now and decided to post a quick build thread of my own set up. I've been in the hobby for about 5 years now and I just graduated from a 8 gallon nano to this guy (50 AIO). 


Since I bought this second hand, I had to find a stand for this tank. I went to rebulding center and bought a cabinet which I reinforced, and painted.


It took a long time but with lots of research and many hours on youtube I made an aquascape that I was happy with. (I got a lot of inspiration from Parker's reef on youtube)


Water went in around September and the only issues I've had were bottomed out nutrients, dinos, and not enough iodine in the water to where my SPS started to bleach and tissue necrosis. 


This was taken last week and the biggest issue I have been battling for the longest time is coral placement and committing to it. I keep on going back and fourth on where I want to put my zoas and other corals so the sandbed is where they will continue to grow😅

IMG_3435 (1).jpg

Also huge thank you to jeff and everyone at cuttle fish who have been so generous and so so helpful with my tank, coral selection, and the issues that have come up!! 

Excited to meet everyone attending Sunday and happy reefing:) 

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