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Salt mix turn cloudy??


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Here's the thing...does salt turn bad?


I just noticed recently that whenever I mix my saltwater (I'm using my old batch from last year btw), it turns cloudy the next day. It cleared up several hours after initial mixing, but in the morning, can't even see through it. This is in an empty glass tank.


It started 2 weeks ago when I first used the old mix, it did the exact same thing...I thought it was something else as I just started up my new tank. It looks like when you are cleaning sand. Despite the cloudiness, I just used it anyway as I was in need to fill up the rest of the tank.


I don't even remember how long it took to clear up, but it eventually did. It was diluted in with the other salt mix afterall.


The brand in question: Ocean Pure


In the current tank that I'm mixing now, it's straight up ocean pure. A nano stream is mixing up the salt.


What are your thoughts?

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Yes, it was vacuum sealed. And it wasn't even that long the last time I used it...max a year.


I haven't done any test. But the tank from 2 weeks ago, the corals have been doing fine...despite the lost of 2 chromis and a missing goby...

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oohhh I had bad experience with carbon...I used it last time to clear up the milky sand, and carbon debris was every where! Might have been because I left it there for over a week.


I'll try it again, what do I have to lose right? I'll also test it tonight too. I'm expecting a shipment of snails and was planning on using that tank as a quarantine.

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I have been having the same cloudy issues while mixing new salt for about a year now. I have tried Kent, Instant Ocean, Red Sea. I was going to try Ocean pure but I picked up a box of Marin from Waves about an hour ago. I have tested for the basics and never found anything out of the norm with any brand. I have noticed I get an algae bloom after every water change when I used Instant Ocean and Red Sea. Nothing horrible, but a bloom none the less. My ro/di usually shows between 1 to 3 tds. I have not purchased a phosphate kit yet but that is my next step.

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Some salt will absorb carbon dioxide from the air to make a carbonate. Carbonates tend to not dissolve well in the short term. They do establish an equilibrium with the water, and they can out-gas carbon dioxide so the problem can tend to clear up.


If ALL parameters test fine (pH, salinity, calcium, alkalinity, nitrate, phosphate, etc.) then it should be OK to use once it clears and reaches equilibrium.


It is sort of the same problem that some encounter when dosing both cal and alk together, you get a cloudy percipitate of calcium carbonate that will slowly clear.



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Hmm that's the first i've heard about adding an airstone. I'll see if I can dig my old one up.


So...water didn't clear up as I thought. There are particles that refuses to dissolve. They are floating on top and above the water line. They are also lining the bottom and pump, places I can't reach with a mag float.

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