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Last of the May 2022 Group Buys -- DON'T MISS THIS!!!

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So far we have posted 10 group buys over the past 5 days.  Tomorrow, we are going overboard by posting the final 6 group buys in one giant blow out!!!

Starting tomorrow (Tuesday May 10) I will post new a group buy every one minute beginning at 6:00 pm:

6:00 pm - Group Buy #11
6:01 pm - Group Buy #12
6:02 pm - Group Buy #13
6:03 pm - Group Buy #14
6:04 pm - Group Buy #15
6:05 pm - Group Buy #16

This should give you enough time to reply to one, then refresh your screen and reply to the next.  Be quick!

Then, on Wednesday at 6:00 pm I will be posting the super-special PNWMAS Supporting Member group buy.  Only paid Supporting Members will be eligible for this one, and it will be amazing!  If you're not yet a Supporting Member, be sure to sign up in advance to be able to participate in this one:

Good luck, everyone!  We'll see you all on Sunday for the big party, and all the group buy frags will be available for pickup at the party.

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1 minute ago, Parzifal said:

Alright,   Now me IT programmer apex guru community leader person… how do I set up six computers by tomorrow to auto refresh and bid automatically?

Don't laugh...When I owned my IT business, we had a datacenter that had 9 different Internet backbone carrier connections at blistering speeds, with 1ms latency.  Any time there were concert tickets or other events that I knew would be gone quickly, I'd sit in the datacenter refreshing my screen the moment the tickets went on sale.  Most times I scored some pretty awesome seats!

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3 minutes ago, Emerald525 said:

Indeed or at least my phone may explode with all the approval of posts for new members !

Thanks, I appreciate the assist on approving group buy pending posts quickly!  That's always a challenge when new members don't yet have the required 10 posts.

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Alrighty then.

for any of you all who aren't paid members.

I have to imagine this last round of group buys had to convince you to join up (it’s Pennies compared to what we spend on our pets in this hobby).

the money 100% goes to the aquarium community and pays for awesome events like this.  The more people signed up the better the events!

join up today and check out the members only group buy tonight.

if that pectina didn’t make your eyes pop out of your head, you’re in the wrong hobby!  I can’t wait to see what Holly, Jon and Jeff have in store for the members only tonight!

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