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May 2022 Group Buy #7 -- Tierra del Fuego

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Our next group buy is for this super colorful Tierra del Fuego!  $20 each, and it's open for 10 people.  To secure your spot, reply to this thread.  The first 10 people will then have 24 hours to make their $20 payment through PayPal.  Be sure to include a note with your payment listing your PNWMAS forum name and "Group Buy #7". Example:

PayPal account:  paypal@pnwmas.org
Amount: $20
Note: YourScreenName - Group Buy #7

This will allow me to track the payments across all the other upcoming group buys. 

If your payment is not received within 24 hours, then the next person in line will get a chance to take your spot.

All frags will be available for pickup on May 15th at the Cuttlefish & Corals club meeting/party

Check back tomorrow at 6:00 pm for the next group buy!

1. ClownF1sh - Paid
2. nelsz1983 - Paid
3. Qqtran
 - Paid
4. trey.bardonski - Paid
5. youcallmenny - Paid
6. Coug Reef - Paid
7. Brittany - Paid
8. jtarmitage - Paid

9. Tiny Reef - Paid
10. coyote - Paid

Backup list:
11. Haddibabby
12. Erik
13. obrien.david.j
14. Parzifal
15. brianscherer


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