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Frag rack rental space

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Anyone willing to rent a frag rack out in there  frag tank? Kinda like storage ? Ive been thinking about this for awhile im not setup or ready for corals yet and i keep seeing things I want go by and missed opportunities. Im not sure if this is a thing or if anyone has thought of it im spit ballin here.

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I believe there was a member here that did quarantines for people for a charge, but I don't recall who it was and that was with fish.

Frag rack rental sounds good but in practice would be too much risk on both people's parts. Sometimes things just die, even in the better maintained tanks. Frags often need dipping and quarantining themselves so there's that (else you risk killing the stuff you already have). 

I'm sure you could make it work if you really want buuuut...

If you're new to the hobby I'd honestly recommend just waiting on it. Setting up and getting running takes quite a long time (cycling is just the start, your tank usually needs to stabilize which can take time), and honestly new things you'll want will come around. And it's a good time to start building up the patience needed that comes with watching sticks grow 🤣

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You just need to make friends in the hobby. I bought things before my tank was up and in return gave a frag to the kind person who housed said item. I have had people hold things and not make it but we have that understanding.  However patience and restraint are valuable traits in this hobby 😎 and better to just wait until your tank is up and running .

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