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My sincere apologies for my lack of availability to align schedules with folks that responded about my previously listed Sunkist Bounce, but @MrBret at Paradise Coral has so graciously agreed to help with paying this forward to someone. I’d like to add the four folks that already expressed interest but that my erratic schedule didn’t line up with ( @Nick, @Collin, @coyote, and @JC7). Anyone else that would like to get in on the fun, please comment below by 6pm and MrBret will run a raffle to see who the lucky winner is. Thanks so much!


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Hey folks!  I'm defrosting this post slightly as we haven't had a pickup yet after recently sending a DM to pick it up by Tuesday.  I want to be conscientious of @MrBret's tank space, so we're going to move on to the next lucky winner.  This time, let's set a 2 week pickup window ahead of time so please pickup by 6/16 EOD.  Drum roll please.... 🥁

@Parzifal looks like the new lucky winner!  Please try to swing in to Paradise Coral to pickup the Sunkist Bounce at your convenience sometime prior to 6/16 if you could please.  Thanks so much!image.png

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Woot!   That’s exciting!  Thank you!


im starting a new job on Monday that’s 10 minutes from you!  Woohoo.  See you next week!


thanks for doing this!!

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