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My first sw setup!

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Well I figure its time to get started on my build thread ( No pictures currently my camera is busted!)
I have had one tank prior to this which was a freshwater with our local fish bluegill,crappie large mouth/small mouth bass ect ect it went well the entire time granted I used everything from where I caught them.
My plans are a mixed reef sps heavy reef.
I currently have a 75g display tank from marineland and I will be using a 40b with a DIY kit as a sump. The stand doesnt support a sump so the sump will be in the basement.
This will be an adventure and I hope you all will be able to enjoy the trials and tribulations.

Current inventory
75g marineland aquarium with stand
(I have already drilled this aquarium with 3 drains and 2 return 2x1" 1x3/4" drains and 2x3/4" returns)
40g breeder
100lbs of dry rock
Reef octo 150sss classic.                                BRS 150gpd 4 stage rodi.                            3x 55 gallon food grade water barrels
20h qt tank with oversized hob heater and powerhead waiting to go.


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Added info!
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