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Coral Thief

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Store owners watch out for this guy and his girlfriend. 
He will bring a drink cup from Subway filled with saltwater into your store and steal corals. 
He got a $295 gold torch from me last week, won’t happen again!
You are on blast dude! Enjoy!!!


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As store owners we need to look out for each other, corals are so crazy expensive now, loosing a $300 coral is not fun, we try hard to put out quality coral and fish for all you reefers, we try to keep our  prices fair, I just gave zero respect for a thief.

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38 minutes ago, Flash21 said:

Is this A$$Hol3 on the forum? 

I’m sure he is, but I wouldn’t  recommend anyone identifies him publicly.  

if you know who this is a PM would be a wiser approach. 

that and if someone shows up to your house with a subway cup to check out your corals, don’t let them in 😉

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42 minutes ago, reefrun said:

I think if we can get a name he should be reported to the police… I doubt this was a one time thing 😡

Absolutely.   If the store owners know this guys name and say “Hi XXXX”. Nothing wrong with that.  

Thieves live in the shadows.  They won’t stay in your store if you provide that fantastic level of personalized customer service.  

Almost nothing as satisfying as watching the color from their faces drain as you greet them by name.  

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