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I’m a reefing novice out of Vancouver, WA. I started back in January with a 29 Gallon Oceanic Biocube, and now I’m up to three tanks! Those are the BioCube, an AquaOne Mini Reef 150, and an IM Nuvo Fusion 10. Planning on offloading the Cube (the fiancé is not pleased with the number of tanks in our living room now, lol) so I’ll be down to two tanks soon enough.

It’s been rad so far. Looking forward to watching my livestock grow and to learning new things about the hobby. It feels as though this hobby has an endless amount of knowledge attached to it.

The AquaOne is coming together. It’s incredible how much better the squared edges/cube look is. Have all the fish and corals moved from my BioCube over and added some new ones!


The BioCube has been broken down to the the bare essentials with some odds and ends CUC and a paly that came with the tank. I attached an older pic of what it used to look like.


The nano is freshly set up. We just added the clown on Monday night. Hoping to find another storm soon so he can have a buddy. (Don’t have any pics of this yet.)

It’s nice to be here!
~ Trey

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Thanks for sharing!


it’s always awesome to see a fellow enthusiast and their tanks.


they look great, and it sounds like you’re on the same path as so many of us…”you want another tank??!?!?…um, no.”

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Just keep getting more tanks and then make “that” deal.  

we all know what I’m talking about, “ok, how about I sell all these tanks and just buy this one…it’s almost the same volume as all these tanks combined?”

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