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Selling off Equipment.

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So it's been some time and after packing up my tank a couple years ago, I have decided I don't have any intentions to get it back up and going any time soon. So rather than let things sit around becoming obsolete I'm going to start selling off the Equipment I have. It was all cleaned thoroughly and boxed up before moving, my equipment is well taken care of. Here is the list so far:

Milwaukee Digital Refractometer MA887 $65
(low battery, but works fine)



Tunze Care Magnet Strong $20
(Discontinued but can still buy replacement blades if needed)


Vertex Sensor-Mag XD Probe Holder $20


Zen Reef 24 Place Magnetic Frag Rack $35


BRS 1.1mL Dosing Pumps $35 Each or both for $60
(The tubing has very little use, was replaced within a month of breaking down the tank)



Nyos Quantum 120 $250
(Great Skimmer, was broken down fully every 6 months & Cleaned)


Avast Auto Top Off w/ Dosing Pump $150
(Comes with Digital Output for Apex Just not Pictured, Favorite ATO system I used in my 20+ years of Saltwater)


APEX System Not for SALE YET

I have this entire custom Apex setup, with custom mounting I had made and Custom graphics with several Modules. I have to gather all probes and everything up and make sure its all still functioning. Would like to honestly sale all together (Excludes Avast ATO Digital output seen in photo) Feel free to throw me offers to entertain if you would like in the meantime while I get this all sorted out. (Just keep in mind I don't pay attention to low ball offers) 

Apex Head Unit, 2 x EB8, PMK, B.O.B, ALD, WXM, PM2, FMM, Display





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3 minutes ago, Parzifal said:

that’s an awesome spec setup!  Did you make it, or sell a couple organs for it?

Then entire backstory & Build is included here :)



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1 hour ago, Zach0225 said:

Tried to pm you but said you can’t receive messages

@Exodus Your free account only permits 50 private messages, and your Inbox is full, so you cannot receive any new messages.  Either delete some old messages, or upgrade to a paid Supporting Member where there's no limit on the number of messages:


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14 hours ago, ClownF1sh said:

Any of the testing powders left with the alk tester? Very interested 

Nope, I stopped using the Hanna Checkers when I broke down My tank 2 Years ago, I removed the Batteries, gave away the reagents and boxed them up with the intent of putting the tank back up. Sorry.

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17 hours ago, Zach0225 said:

I too would like 1 possibly both mp10 and a few other things

I Sent you a PM And cleared out my Inbox. As you were the first two post I will give you first choice on the MP10's.

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