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Full 75G Tank Setup perfect for beginner, soft corals included some inverts $600

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Perfect automated low maintenance tank! Check on the status anytime, monitor overflows, top off container, and temp w/ your phone!

Included is:

Setup: 75G tank + Sump (Acrylic) + Stand (shadow overflow w/ emergency, almost silent, low profile) Dual returns w/ 2x pumps for redundancy (x1 AC, x1 DC w/ Manifold) x2 LED light bars, Hydor top off

Automation: Apex JR w/ float switches installed (wifi app allows you to see live temp, control lights, monitor overflows & top off levels via float switches, get alerts in case of emergencies)

Filtration: Filter sock + Refugium + Live Rock (you can add skimmer if you like, plenty of space for it)

Live Rock: 25lbs included + Live Sand

Included is a large gargonian, green sinularia, weeping willow mushroom, and large GSP rock, also many Zoas (some high end as well, this was a high end tank prior)

The tank was setup less than year ago, turn key ready system for soft corals + saltwater fish 


txt me 971 300 6393 Shar (I suck at checking PMs on the site right now, I'm moving + graduating from grad school + high demand job)










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