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Tualatin Valley Water District (TVWD) Water Quality Report is now available...

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A few years ago I hunted down my water source, and signed up for water quality reports.    I'm a TVWD customer.  (west side of Portland, just north of Beaverton)

Besides the numeric's, I found the source info interesting.  And changes that are coming in the future.


  • Portland Water Bureau: Last fiscal year, TVWD purchased about 5.95 billion gallons (72%) of water from the City of Portland. Portland’s primary source is water from the Bull Run watershed in the Mt. Hood National Forest. Portland also uses pumped groundwater from the Columbia South Shore Well Field next to the Columbia River to augment the Bull Run supply when needed. 
  • Joint Water Commission: Last fiscal year, about 2.37 billion gallons (28%) of water came from the Joint Water Commission (JWC), which is jointly owned by the District and the cities of Beaverton, Hillsboro and Forest Grove. JWC water sources are Hagg Lake and Barney Reservoir, as well as the seasonal flow of the Tualatin River. Water from these sources is treated at the JWC water treatment plant located near Forest Grove.
  • Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR): During the winter when water is plentiful, TVWD stores treated drinking water underground in the aquifer surrounding the Grabhorn well on Cooper Mountain. During the hot summer months, the stored water is pumped from the aquifer to help meet peak water demands. The Grabhorn ASR well is capable of storing in excess of 300 million gallons of treated water.

With an interesting note for my future:

  • A new water source is coming in 2026, when TVWD transitions away from purchasing water from the Portland Water Bureau. The Willamette Water Supply System will provide high quality drinking water from a resilient system. Learn more at ourreliablewater.org.
  • The Portland Water Bureau has started changing their drinking water treatment process. These changes will make the water less corrosive to lead and other metals in plumbing by adjusting the alkalinity and pH of the water. Learn more at tvwd.org/corrosioncontrol.


Here's a clip from the email I got, with the link to the report:

Thank you for enrolling to receive water quality updates. The 2022 Water Quality Report is now available at tvwd.org/wqreport. This publication summarizes the findings from more than 6,000 water samples taken in 2021. 


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Thanks for the overview.   The scope and scale of the Willamette Water Supply System project is massive, and it's something I've been following for some time since construction has been underway for the past few years in my area.  It's also part of the larger South Cooper Mountain concept plan which was finalized in 2014 and envisions the area's growth into the 2050's.  Big projects.

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