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Frags & nems for sale

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Sunkist bounce mushroom $20 (pay it forward pricing)

Green button polyps $35

Rainbow bubble tip anemone $30

Zoas (everlasting gobstopper and nirvana) $20


I'm still looking for a new home for the Sinularia and GSP. $20 OBO, and seriously, even if the offer is $0.  I would mainly like to pass these on to someone else this weekend at the Cuttlefish party if possible to make a little extra room in the tank.  I will probably be at the party on the early side of the event.


Thanks for looking!







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25 minutes ago, Simon_Terik said:

How large are those RBTA’s? 

On this main rock there’s one on the bigger side, around 5 inches probably, and then two recent babies around 3 inches probably. I’m going to have to see which two I can safely get free, but it you’re interested in one in particular then I can try to free that one first. There’s another bigger one on a second rock that I’m holding for someone already so it’s getting a touch crowded in here.😀

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Here’s pics of the nirvana and everlasting gobstopper zoas (ignore the hermit crab going off-roading in the middle of the gobstoppers). I’d also be willing to let go of some whamming watermelons and bam bam zoas too for $20 a piece. Pics attached as well. Was thinking of building a zoa garden previously, but leaning towards growing out some mushrooms now. 😀





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