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Marine Sources or ReefStar DSP-1 doser instructions


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Does anyone happen to have one of these and know how to program them? They're very similar to the Bubble Magus or TMC but not the same.



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Update, I've figured out how to select heads and manually prime the heads.

The display on this one is:

XX    XX    XX
         XX    XX

As an example I think it's:

Head  ML?  x per day?
01       05     10      (head 1 dose 5ml 10 times a day)
           XX     08      (amount left in current dose, total doses left for the day)

There is also an "ad" and a "cr" that displays in the lower left empty spot, not sure what those mean. This is a little frustrating but I got the unit and slave for $60 as-is off CL.

Hoping this may help someone in the future.

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Posted (edited)

I'm going to figure this thing out [language filter], hope someone finds this useful.

I think "ad" means add/update selected head and "cr" means clear selected head. Also since there is no clock or time settings on this unit each head is offset by 5 minutes. So head 1 runs, 5 minutes later head 2, 5 minutes later head 3, etc if they all had the same programming.

If the last column in row 1 is "99" the selected head should run every 14.5 minutes

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