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SOLD - Saying goodbye to my aquarium

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Update: I seem to have found a buyer. Thank you!

It is with a very heavy heart that I have realized I can no longer keep up with my tank.  Since Covid, it has been increasingly difficult to manage the expenses, and my gear is getting rather old and worn down.  It's a small tank so I do not have much and some things are doing better than other things.  I want to sell all of the critters together, please.  I am in the Hillsboro/Beaverton/Portland general area. 

In addition to the aquarium life, I have 2 gently used test kits: Saltwater Master and Reef Master test kits (not expired).  I also have a small bucket of salt that I just bought and have used for only 1 water change so far (Red Sea, Coral Pro Salt "55 gallons" worth).

I'll sell all of the critters, bucket of salt, and the test kits for $60.  I also have some assorted used gear that I can throw in for no extra cost.

If you just want the critters, $30 for all of them (includes the live rock and a bucket).  (after the critters have a new home, I may still sell the salt/test kits if there is any interest)

List of critters:

  1. 1 Yellowbelly Damsel
    • Lively and friendly (for a Damsel) 
  2. 1 Maxi Mini
    • It's on a rock that also has some Palys (Nuclear Winters) and Gorgonian attached
    • Doing quite well, no unhappy behavior
  3. 1 Frag of Nuclear Winter Palys (23+ polyps)
  4. 2 Yellow Mushrooms  
    • One is attached to a larger rock that also has some Gorgonian colonies.
    • The one attached to the small rock also has a very small green mushroom on the same rock, as well as some brittle stars.
    • Both of these look like they're doing just fine.
  5. Small frag of GSP
    • doing OK, but not thriving
  6. 2 very small Blastomussa polyps
    • They're not doing great, but they are very stubborn.  I have no idea what went wrong for the large one to die, but these two have still been hanging on.  I have tried many things over the past couple years to help them to grow larger, but I have not had much success.
  7. 2 Nassarius Snails
    • Hearty and energetic


It's not much already, so I'd prefer not to haggle, please.  If you bring your own bucket, I could possibly lower the price by a little.  I think I could get more for everything if I sold it at a local aquarium shop, but I wanted to try to find everything a real home, first.  I have met some of you at some get-togethers many years ago and everyone was so nice and knowledgeable.




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