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75G setup Apex automated

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75G display 20G acrylic sump 5.5G top off
Shadow overflow w/ Dual returns AC pump
Black stand W/ built in PDU
Sand + Live Rock W/ starter corals (Zoas, Duncan’s, mushrooms,GSP,Sinularia,weeping willow) 

+ Apex JR w/ temp + Ph probe & integrated float switches & flow meter in return + overflow. 

+ Titanium 300W temp

+ Media reactor 

+ Skimmer W/ Auto scrubber 

+ Refugium w LED light

+ $1500

+ $750 2x Radions G4 XR30 w/ diffusers & RMS mounts 


+$75 Hippo Tang

+$25 clown pair

+$25 x3 chromis school

+$20 Azure Damsel

+$35 Lawnmower Blenny

Moving to Texas, this is a premium turn key system. It’s designed to be super simple to operate, includes automation with Apex. 

System easily ran for weeks while I was gone. 

(Dosing pumps, KH director, filter roller NOT Included, only what’s listed above included)







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