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Reef furniture and yard sale 4/23

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Thank you for the opportunity to collect corals in the PNW but our rental excludes aquariums and this is not going to change anytime soon. 

I would like to list my larger furniture here for pickup in Hillsboro and then update with reef hardware for a yard sale on the 23rd that will include pumps, plumbing, and other treasures. 

aquarium stand, 6’ sold

aquarium stand with canopy, 3” $100 obo 

Common stand and canopy set for 36” tanks like the 38 gallon. 

Halide canopy 4” $150 obo

Oak canopy for 4’ tanks like the 75 gallon. Two holes drilled in top for led ventilation. 

dry live rock smaller than softball size  35lb $60

dry live rock 83lb  $120

More stuff will be posted here as it becomes available. 421AD28A-9DA4-4D6F-A5BE-39EBD5D89814.thumb.jpeg.f23cd7dcefae548ff52a7f60422190c2.jpeg8615D75A-91E8-42D4-BB55-CE7BADA7CAFA.thumb.jpeg.54b364524b1c8c8720a2dc076da2e145.jpeg76D3A3F6-300A-41DC-99ED-DAE5D86A4A38.thumb.jpeg.43724cb6858b242c98a72541a4680973.jpeg6AA872D7-FAC6-42C8-AF58-B5ED54DBC9C2.thumb.jpeg.6d7ccff7af7379a38de7e534055f9eac.jpeg



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