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Closing down my tank

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I have a 75 gallon tank with a custom built stand and sump tank that I'm ready to let go. It's currently up and running in my home office, but I do not have the time to give it the attention it deserves. I'm going to start selling parts of it off until I'm down to the core and then I'll sell the tank. Unless someone wants the whole package, then we can negotiate a price. I've had a couple of the fish (maroon clown and blue damsel) for at least 4-5 years now. The rest I've had for less than 3. I cannot for the life of me remember what kind of wrasse I have. Look at the photos, you'll see it. The Xania have also taken over the tank and part of the sump. There's a lot. 


The tank itself is controlled by a Raspberry Pi running Reef-Pi and has a temp probe, a pH probe, and somewhere I think I have a level sensor. I've just been manually toping off daily. Once the livestock is gone, I'll start listing the equipment on here. For now, I just want to get rid of the fish/nems.


Due to work schedule, I'm only available by text. As far as pickups, weeknights/Saturdays are best.



  • Tomini Tang - $60 - SOLD
  • Blue Hippo Tang - $70 - SOLD
  • Maroon Clown - $35
  • Damsel - $20
  • Wrasse - $40 



  • 3-4" Rainbow Bubble Tip x2 (these came from Blue Z Reef) - $35
  • 1" Rainbow Bubble Tip x1 (also came from Blue Z) - $15
  • Pulsing Xania - Free with rock or $10 for a bunch
  • GSP (roughly a foot long) - $15 - SOLD
  • Orange Rhodactus Mushroom (8ish heads) - $15each


Rock - $100 for all of it (see Photos)



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