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WTB: Berghias! Show me your nudes!

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I ordered my last batch from Salty Underground.   Berghia worked wonderfully for me, for years.   And this year they Didn't.   I did some research, and turns out Amphipods eat the eggs.   And I'd been adding 100's of amphiods per week, for about two months.  (setup a regular shipment from a company)   So my tank has tons of amphipods, and berghia didn't work for me.   That's why I went with two dozen peppermint shrimp.  (assuming you've seen my other thread)




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Good to know!  I was going to do the peppermint shrimp thing, but I have 4 healthy sized wrasses that would likely turn them into dinner pretty quickly


I'll check out that link and maybe order a couple.  How many would be a good start for a 150 gal and a 15 gal?

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3 hours ago, Micah said:

I just got my order actually.  Sorry!  I am an impatient person.  I add to cart on impulse alone. :). Next time.

If you have  uv light,can you check if they glow? I'm trying to see if I can find them in my system lol

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