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(Pending) $450 120g Tank/Stand/Equipment Plus All Live Stock

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Hello. I want to say I’m testing the waters here but I think it’s inevitable… Our upstairs flooded tonight and the room/wall the tank lives on and another 3/4’s of the house will be unlivable for the next few months. It’s up and running at the moment with fish, everything will be included in the sale. I will get more detailed with equipment tomorrow but I need to get this sold asap and out of the house asap. I have no idea what to even ask. Dropping the price to $450, open to offers because I need it gone asap. 

I will work on better pictures tomorrow when the lights are on. 

Quick List:


- Yellow Tang (large)

- Sail Fin Tang (large)

- x2 Osc Clowns (paired)

- Royal Dotty (large)

- Fire Fish 

- x2 chromes 

- x2 Engineer Gobies (large) If these fish pair up then they are, they live in the same cave

- x2 rainbow bubble tips (small)

- misc clean up crew

- lots of live rock


- 120 gallon tank with dual overflows and dual returns 

- not sure on the size of sump but I’m guessing 40 gallon with 3 chambers 

- x2 led lights not sure what brand they are

- diablo skimmer (large) not the dc pump

- return pump from harbor freight

- heater

- lots of misc stuff in the garage to go with the setup 












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