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Ran out of CO2 gas, 1pm Wednesday...

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A picture tells a thousand words.   I ran out of CO2 gas 1pm Wednesday, May 23rd.   Replaced the tank Friday around 1pm.

Decoder, I have my Neptune control the CO2 on my Ca Reactor.  If Trident reads Alk < 9.0, turn on the gas.   A pH probe is stuck in the effluent/output of the Ca Reactor.   Target of Effluent pH around 6.3, with Neptune controlling the C02 solenoid.

Over the two days without gas, Alk drifted from a low of 8.9 down to 8.2.   In the day and a half after replacing the gas, Alk has come back up to 8.4.  Seems to be rising slower than it fell.   Hmm



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