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Time to set up the tank! Looking for a hand

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the time has come.   I’ll be putting in the real tank on Wednesday and I’m hoping for one or two people to help move it. 

I’ve got the tank painted, drilled and plumbing all prepped.

water is filling a stock tank for the next 8 days.

i have 4 people to move the tank (that’s enough if all 4 show up).

 The tank is moving from the garage to the house…about 50’

total should take 30 mins to an hour and only about 15 minutes of actual heavy lifting.


the details:

move happening Wednesday…time tbd

location inner SE Portland. Address to be sent individually.

removing 150 gallon acrylic tank and stand…empty

moving 360 gallon glass tank and stand into the house.

I will of course have pizza and beverages as a bribe!


please let me know if you can join!







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Thank you both!  Jon, if you join us it’s no longer heavy lifting 😀!

i have four 9” suction cups.   

im thinking noon but need to hear back from two people.  

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Goood afternoon all!

sadly I had one drop out but with Suncrests help we will have at least 4 people.

Kim, sorry looks like noon is the time to be so you may be swamped with work.

looking for one to two more….  There will be pizza, cookies and s’mores made with real fire!


inner SE Portland, from noon to 1pm.

shoot me a message if you can come help!

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