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75g build update


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Aqueon 75g diy external eclipse L peninsula plumbing 

Diy 40breeder sump

Diy algaescrubber 

Diy hybrid fixture (wall to wall)

Diy kalk stirrer 

Diy stand(still need to skin it)

Diy aquascape (marco/pukani/fiji)tons of glue and epoxy putty

Now time to coordinate frag mounting/placement,get parameters solid and enjoy the grow out stage of this tank.

Fish list; yellow tang,scopas tang,hemu trigga,diamond goby,lawnmower blenny, paired reg clowns,6line wrasse,(3-5 bengai cardinals,still growing as they're babies but will add)




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3 hours ago, obrien.david.j said:

nice build.   I like the miter cuts on the top 2x4 trim around the tank.  Including extending to slightly hide the plumbing.

Lol yea I wanted the shelf around the tank. I still need to cut the piece for plumbing and undo the union to run through it. Also need to skin the stand and plumbing side.thx

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11 hours ago, islandVib3s said:

Getting closer to finish. Manifold is awesome and convenient. Added a relocated powerstrip behind canopy for the lights.more projects in the mix. Will update soonFB_IMG_1650084906577.jpg20220411_163853.jpg

Looks great!

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