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A horse of a different color


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20 hours ago, Isaac said:


I was really surprised to come across a current article with my name in it. Definitely worth a read!

Good article, and fun to have a personal reference.

I've got a frag of OME I got in 2019 from @Flash21 I'm nursing back to health, after I almost lost the total colony last year (all my fault).   Get's direct feeding of reef-roids twice a week and loves it.   I'd nocked it down to the a single mouth, total size ~1/8".   Amazing how much they grow.

Beautiful coral, hooked my wife the first time she saw it in a shop.


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2 hours ago, youcallmenny said:

My original OME I got maybe ~4 years ago has been fragged up, scraped off rocks, burned by tank problems. It's currently 6" across and growing fast lol. One of my absolute favorites! 

I have gotten a frag from you. Let me know when you have another. I’m looking to add this classic to my collection.

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2 hours ago, Lexinverts said:

Got it. The Oregon Mummy Eye is more orange, and right? 

The Oregon Mummy Eye is naturally a very metallic green with orange to pink eyes. Like candy paint on a classic car 

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