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What if Trident reagents freeze?

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I got a 6mo supply of reagent from BRS a few weeks ago and it was frozen solid. Like took-24-hours-to-thaw frozen. Since then my readings have been total bullsh*t. Specifically Ca and Mg out of range and Alk at 5.8 (hanna and red sea say 8.6). Coincidence? Please discuss. 

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Email BRS.  (or call them)   Of you're getting bogus readings...

BTW, one of my six month supply orders came in with a single leaking reagent.  (box was obviously discolored).   Shot a picture to BRS, they had replacement six month supply in the mail the same day.   So I got 10 months out of the deal.  That's great customer service.  (new 6 months + 4 of the 6 month supply from original order)

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