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Share the love Acro frags


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Up for grabs are three acro frags for free. I will do three drawings and first winner gets to pick first and so on. 
Sorry for the bad picture. 

must be attending the meeting as I will give frags away then

post share the love  in this thread 

if not claimed that day then frag goes to alternate and so on

First frag is a bullet proof tricolor i got from @DaveZ started out as a browned out frag and survived the cycle.  Second picture on the right.

Second frag is a forest fire digi (second picture on the left)

Third pic is a no name that looks a lot like the Peter Pan (last picture )

Parzifal tricolor 


The Clark

alternate Islandvib


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3 minutes ago, DaveZ said:

I am not going be able to make it but looks like a cool giveaway. 🤘🏽

Was just copying you in to show you that the browned out frag came from you is finally coloring up to a tricolor . Since you gifted me the original I am gifting frags of it so the giving continues !

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Glad it made it through. Does well under low or high par values but the really high par 400+ points can bring out some awesome colors of the green base, purple growth tip and then yellow right at the polyp. 

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On 4/3/2022 at 11:38 PM, Emerald525 said:

Well there is still a frag of forest fire digi that needs to be picked up if you want it. 

If only I would have rang the bell when I was out there Sunday!  Will need to take the tank down pretty soon to move so probably not the time to try anything new even though I think I found the cause of the latest crash (another rusted return pump!!!!).

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