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Large 310 Gallon Tank, Stand, & Sump for Sale

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I am unfortunately exiting the hobby and selling my 308 gallon Custom Aquariums tank, custom steel stand, and Crystal Reef Aquatics sump.

Tank: 308 gallons, 84"L x 30"D x 30"H. Unique H2Overflow and Stealthbox overflows. See at www.customaquariums.com.

Stand: 95"L x 34"W x 36"H. Has wood stained skin, but it was a DIY job so the stain is even and has salt stains.

Sump: 60"W x 22"W x 16"H. See link, https://crystalreefaquatics.com/collections/stealth-series-reef-sumps/products/copy-of-stealth-60-reef-sump. (They have discontinued operations).

Asking $4000 obo, for all 3 items. Tank is in good condition with the usual use and some scratches in the glass. This tank is 622lbs empty. It will cost to move unless you have the muscle. This will need to be planned over the next months. Includes 3 H2Overflow drains, 1 Stealthbox, and 3 glass lids. The tank is currently in operation and will be as I continue to break it down. The other equipment and accessories may be available also.

Please contact me for additional information.








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