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Moving to Texas: 75G Display + 20G Sump "mini mansion reef"

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Story: My second tank after getting into the hobby in 2020. Built this to be bulletproof and automated, easily kept SPS. Lately w/ Grad school + work and moving I've been neglecting it so I need to take it down before I kill everything. 

Entire Setup = $2K w/o Coral + Livestock ($3K w/ coral & livestock),

NOT FOR SALE: skimmer, filter roller, GHL KHD, Gyres, Kamoer STP, Avast autofeeder 

75G Tank + Cabinet + 20G acrylic sump + 5.5G top off res + Plumbing (pre-engineered setup, just add your own insides) $1000

Eclipse Overflow w/ Dual Returns; Hard plumbed but easy to disassemble. Dual return pumps for redundancy (one AC, one DC w/ Manifold for UV) 

75lbs + live rock

Cabinet w/ x3 PDUs & LED lighting

Add the controller Apex JR w/ temp + Flowmeter on return & UV, Leak Sensors, and float switches on sump, tank, top off, for alerts.  + $200


x2 Radion G4 XR30 w/ RMS Mounts + diffusers (have OG reflector as well) $900

15W Aqua Ultraviolet UV $100

LED Fuge Light $40

Magnetic Kalk stirrer reactor $100 

CO2 Absorb Media & reactor $30

x3 Kamoer X1 Pumps ($25 ea) + Simplicity Dosing Containers ($40)

Apex DOS $250 modded for quick connect fittings

Aped Auto Feeder $50

Titanium 300W Heater $100

Can Chiller for RedSea AB+ coral food to dose $40











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