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Moving to Texas: Livestock Sale + Euphyllia Prices OBO <Beaverton, OR>

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List of livestock

Flame Hawkfish $20

Clownpair $20

Mandarin, eats Mysis + pods $50

Yellow Tang $200

Hippo Tang $50

 Midas Blenny $40

Blue Damsel $10

3x Chromis $50

Diamond Goby $40

Cleaner Shirmp $30




NY Knicks x2 Heads $400

Indo Dragon Soul x2 Heads  $500

Aussie Dragon Soul x3 Heads $400

Nuclear Green torch w/ pink tips Colony x7+ heads $600

x2 Nuclear Green torch w/ Pink tips x2 Head  $150

Nuclear Green torch w/ blue tips x2 Heads $100

Softball Sized Trachy $250

Rainbow Acan, Red & white stripes, multiple colonies of 8-12 heads $100/Colony

Rainbow Lobo $40




Orange Frogspawn x2 heads $90

Green Stem, Blue Tip Hammer x5 heads $90

Toxic Splatter Hammer x7 heads $90

Blue stem, Green tip Hammer x4 Heads $70

Golden Rainbow x5 Heads $175

Orange Hammer Coral x4 heads $100

Teal Alveopora LG $125

Neon Green Gonipora SM $40

Golden Brown Gonipora SM $40

Pink/Purple Gonipora LG $80





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