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Apex temp probe issue

Blue Z Reef

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Anyone had issues recently. I did the last OS update about 4-5 days ago. Randomly last night, I get a temp alarm that my tank has exceeded 82.5. I go look, heater is off, nothing different in the tank. My IR handheld temp device says tank is 79, right where it should be. I leave it hoping it’s just a fluke and will correct. Nope, is bouncing around at 82.5+ range. Heater has been off the whole time, house temps normal, no changes. My graph below you can see it kicks on heat at 78.2 and goes to 79.5 and shuts off. Just usually never deviates from the sine wave.

What is the best course of action? Recal, replace? Haven’t had an issue with it since I put it in service a few years ago…I think it’s about 4 years old. Just unplugged it and plugged back in, seeing if that does anything.



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Follow up: Neptune says no changes in temp probe module were done last update and to recal.


I did the recal, which seemed to fix it for about 2 days. Then today, off to the races again! Shot up to 83, checked tank, it’s at 80. Have a new one on the way 👍


All things considered, running for about 5 years is good in my book. Some get lucky with them running “forever” but would assume that’s not super common.

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