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75 gallon freshwater setup

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I know there's some freshwater peeps around here so figured I'd try here.

75 gallon aquarium with fish and massive group of plants (mostly Anubias varieties). There are 3 Roseline sharks and a Siamese Algae eater. I've had them for over 11 years. There are also some bristlenose plecos that have been breeding in the tank. Nothing new has been added in over a decade. Tank itself is only a couple years old. 

Oversized filtration setup, rated for several hundred gallons. Marineland 350 with inline heater and Fluval FX5. Also comes with CO2 reactor if planted tanks is your thing, but not required to be used. 

I'm moving out of state and not prepared to take it with me. $75? 






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2 hours ago, jayR said:

Unable to send PM.

Interested in your setup.

When do you need to get it out by?

Can I venmo or PayPal you to put on hold?

Until I get the manpower to pick it up.

I've got one person ahead of you. If they bail, I'll hit you up. I still have another week or so. Thanks!

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