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Cheap gear review

Manny Tavan

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@Manny Tavangreat post. I have a few of the SLWs and been running those now for at least 2 years. Never had an issue with a single one. I know people often bash the Jebao lines of powerheads and I will say some are for sure less reliable, the SLW is not one of them. It’s the most dead silent pump I have and most reliable for maintaining regular flow rates. The best part is that they’re so affordable that it’s best to just buy 2 of them. For cleaning I leave the power side in there and swap the impeller and cover to keep them looking clean while the dirty ones get a vinegar bath. 

I have never had one die on me so no need to swap to the unused driver side.


if you want to save even more money and just wait a bit longer for shipping, get them from AliExpress.  

I have been considering the Jebao UV. But this one you posted looks even more  affordable. Thanks!

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Jebao gyre style pumps are super awesome as well. Never had any faults, been using them for years and they're very strong. I've also been using their return pumps for most of my hobby experience. I've heard a lot of naysaying about the brand but I heavily disagree with it. 

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