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Tank for sale: $75!


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Hey everyone! 

Been quite a while since I last posted. Life has changed a ton for me and reefing has taken a back seat. New baby, new home, moved cities etc. So, it is time to finally let my stuff go as I do not see myself setting a tank up for a few years. Most of this stuff was bought brand new for my 75G build that I started back in early 2018. The tank was taken down in January of 2021 when my son was born and we moved. Since then the items have been just sitting in my garage. I went through all of the electronics and everything works just as perfect as when the tank came down. I have videos of them all running that I can text you if you would like. I have been out of the game for a little while and pricing is my educated guess based on checking around so feel free to make me offers. 


The build with these items can be found here. 



A) Ecotech MP-10QD Wireless—SOLD

B) Simplicity 240DC Skimmer $125—SOLD

C) ATO that was given to me. $$$Free with purchase of anything haha!

D) 75 gallon display tank and stand/canopy. Includes Synergy Reef overflow 16" shadow, and the T-5 Retrofit kit from BRS. $75

-the stand needs work. But it was built with 2x4s so it is solid. The plywood I skinned it with and trim could stand to be replaced

E) Trigger Emerald 34 sump $150–SOLD

F) B-Ionic Calcium and Alkalinity—Sold



If you want more than one thing shoot me a PM and I will give you a package deal.

Location: Tank is in Independence, but can brought to my new house in Kiezer. All other items are located in Keizer. 








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