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Reef Delete!

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Pulled the trigger, bought a Reef Delete!  It works as described in Mr. Saltwater overview video.

I zapped a few misc aptasia.  You need to apply it for ~1minute.  They clearly retract.  I even came back and re-did a couple.

My main use is for cleanup of Aptasia that show up after the Shrimp Fest of Death.   And for a few other misc items I'd like to kill in the future.  A fun do one or two or three toy.  Not to clean up a whole tanks worth!



[VIDEO] REEF DELETE UV Aiptasia  / Algae Killer - Mr Saltwater Tank - Raw, Uncut, and First Impressions


I zapped This specific one.











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So the marketing material is very vague.  Is it basically just a laser?  If so, what wavelength is "UV-C", and how many watts?  

My aiptasia laser is 450nm (blue) and runs at 4000 mW.  It kills things within about 10 seconds of direct exposure, and the battery lasts about 5-10 minutes of continuous use.  But the main problem is that it requires direct line of sight, so probably about 75% of aiptasia or other pests are inaccessible in a typical tank.  While I found it fun and gratifying to zap the pests (you even hear it crackling as the target burns up underwater), it was definitely not a cure.  I finally had 100% success using a combination of berghia, peppermint shrimp, and a voracious file fish. 


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I saw the laser option.   And the implications of a laser reflection out of the tank didn't excite me.  

Reef Delete is not a laser, one drawback is you can't see it.    They give you a plastic test card which enables you to see the results, and get a feel for beam width and distance.    Wattage isn't documented.   It takes ~1min per aptasia, and they're not destroyed.   Just visibly harmed, need to repeat another day/time.    

Direct line of sight is required.   And a couple retracted out of sight, thus couldn't finish them off.   

I didn't get it to "solve" my problems.   I got it as another tool in the toolbox.   Peppermint shrimp are my current bulk consumer.  F-Aptasia can cover 2-3 "right side up" Aptasia.  This can beam upside down aptasia.   Plus I've got a couple of clove polyps in misc places I want to blast.   Your laser may just be too strong for that.   Or too focused.  Like a pressure washer with that really narrow tip.     Reef Delete isn't that focused.  hold it closer, you get ~1/8", pull back and it can widen to ~3/4".   And  assume less intensity.


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Updated impressions from SaltwaterAquarium.com.   Basic repeat of last time.    This isn't SunCrestReef's 4W laser.  Must use multiple times, over multiple days to finish zapping.

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[VIDEO] SECOND LOOK - Reef Delete UV Aiptasia  Killer - Mr Saltwater Tank - Raw, Uncut, and First Impressions

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10 hours ago, Saltfishlover said:

Will either these whack a banded coral shrimp?   Im asking for a friend.  

Only if the shrimp will stay in one place multiple minutes.  Otherwise, as soon as it realize it's getting sunburnt, I expect it will move out of range.  You need to be ~1" from it.

8 hours ago, pdxmonkeyboy said:

Are you impressed with it? Scott and i were thinking about going halvsies on one. 

Impressed is too strong a word.   It takes work, it takes time, it's another tool.   Watch the 2nd Mr Saltwater video.   His answer is ~2minutes, twice a day, for three days - per aptasia.    This is not a volume killer.   But I'm still happy I have it as a cleanup item.   



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