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Looking for some hlp

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What are you looking at drilling?  What size bulkheads/what size tanks?

you can get diamond hole saws from harbor freight or from bulk reef supply.  Bulk reef has a great instructional video for drilling holes in tanks and what size bits for what size bulkheads.

do you have the plumbing materials already?

I’ve drilled a couple holes,  easy…just nerve wracking for the first few.

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I bought my drill bits from ebay for glass. They have worked great for at least a half dozen holes each. 

I used one of those drill press attachments and a gallon jug with a small hole in it to stream water on the bit. Go very slow and don't put much pressure. Also, support the Glas if you can. Grab a few panes of glass to practice on. It's really scary at first but go slow and you should be fine. I found, there are not many people that are willing to do it for you due to liability of breaking the tank. Unless you have an acrylic tank, then it's super easy and you can get your hole saw bits from HF or HD or lowes


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If you buy an Eshopps overflow, it comes with a kit, including the drill bit. I used that recently with success.


You can also probably get one of these kits from Cuttlefish, Upscales, All things aquariums or seahorse in the Portland area or Premium in the Salem area.



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