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Torch ID Cheatsheet


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Ok I’m getting more and more into torches, but the names are confusing for me so I wanna put together a cheatsheet so I know which I do/don’t want.

Who can help me with descriptions of these (tentacles, tips, mouth, etc)? Please also list differences between Aussie, Indo, Malaysian too!

- Hellfire

- Holy Grail

- Holy Grail Type

- God 

- Torch of the Gods

- Banana 

- Tiger

- NY Knicks

- Dragon Soul

- Rasta

- Tod’s

- Jester

- 24k

- Aussie vs Indo Gold

Feel free to add to the list! 😀

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8 hours ago, reefrun said:

Oh I know lol… so, share your definitions? 

Haha I have too many types. Only a few has lineages. There are so many variations and subtle nuances in differences that it's hard for those that don't collect them to notice the differences to appreciate each ones uniqueness. Just like I don't like zoas cuz I feel they become weeds lol so I I don't collect them and since I don't collect them it's hard for me to tell the subtle differences in them to understand their differences. 

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