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Frags for sale this weekend


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Hi all,

I'll be coming up to Portland from Eugene for my niece's birthday on Saturday. If you are interested in any of the frags, let me know and I can cut them for you (hopefully tonight or tomorrow to give them a chance to heal) and bring them up this weekend. You'll have to be available Saturday morning to get them when I come into town.

  • Playboy Bunny Zoas (pink zoa in picture) - $15 for 2 polyps, $20 for 3 polyps
  • Teal Smooth Skin (Bottlebrush?) - $15 for 1 inch frag
  • PC Rainbow - $30 for 1 inch frag
  • Bubblegum Digi - $10 for 1 inch frag with two branches OR a whole encrusted frag plug with about a dozen shorter branches coming off for $40.



IMG_3404 2.jpg


IMG_3403 2.jpg

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1 hour ago, Parzifal said:

Ugh beautiful stuff.  

Im not buying at the moment, but let me know next time you head up what you have available!



Sounds good! You have a preference for LPS, SPS, or softies/zoas?

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