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Dragon soul torches for sale

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I have several dragon soul torches that I am going to be putting up for sale.  These are LEGIT dragon souls and not something I picked up recently in the torch craze and decided myself that they were dragon souls.  I have had this colony for over three years at this point so it is safe to say that they are aqua cultured.  I cut these frags well over two months ago and so they are fully healed.  I would be absolutely SHOCKED if you had a problem with them.

I have the following for sale.  Prices are firm as they are well below the going rate for DS.  And I don't mean retail, online shops are still in the $250-300 range per head.  

1. Single large head $125

2. Single large head $125

3. Double head $220 

4. HUGE double head (probably three heads in there). $250

5. Triple head $300 

6. Triple head $300

I can post pictures of the actual frags. later today. Here are a couple pictures of frags I sold last year.  This is a fast grower!! 

Pick up at my place or I can meet near Jantzen Beach.  Willing to answer any questions that you have but I will not entertain back and forth emails requesting multiple pictures, skelton shots, lineage details, etc etc etc.  In my experience, those are the individuals that never end up showing up.  Will try to sell them locally for a week then they go on R2R and they WILL sell in no time there. 


thank you ! 







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