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Marine Betta


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I’ve had two.  One was 20 years ago and it was amazing.   Easily one of my favorite fish

i have one in my tank now I got from Jeff over at cuttlefish.

beautiful, great fish.   They can be tricky to get to eat, I agree with Jeff  make sure they are eating where you get them from, or be ready to buy a variety of seafood to chop up and try to get them to eat.

the real tough part is some of them won’t eat when you’re around.  I’ve seen mine eat thee times in the last year.  It’s doubled in size and looks great so I know it’s eating,  just gets shy whenever I feed the kiddos.

LRS is a good food for them, I am a big big nerd so I make my own fish food and it seems to go for the chopped shrimp more than anything else.


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