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Kamoer Stepper Pump X1 T Pro


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Kamoer Stepper Pump 

Decided to add one of these to my calcium reactor following the recommendation of a reefer. Too early to say how it will do. Do these have a break-in period where they get quieter? I don't know what to expect. I'm running mine at 28 ml/min and can slightly hear it in the aquarium cabinet. I found placing some filter floss padding under it helped.

Some install comments:

* setting up wifi wasn't bad. If you have other similar products expect the same issues.

* I bought some 1/4 barb to 1/4 inch rodi push adapters to connect tubing to existing RODI lines. Didn't think it was possible to connect the kamoer tuning at first. With the help of soaking hot water and a pencil, I was able to expand the tubing to connect to adapters.

* I didn't think it would be difficult to connect the kamoer tubing to the pump, but it took some work. Guess that's a good thing.

* Any rotation faster than 30-40 ml/min will probably be too loud for my living room.

* I wish it was possible to have the app open and open manual separately.


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Nice pickup!  Love removing the variable of random flow fluctuations from the equation.

I have a couple of the Kamoer FXP-STP2.

Get spare pump head rollers and replacement tubing, just so you are ready!  They do eventually rupture so a spare is a must. 

Mine hasn't gone yet, but murphy says it will be when we are on vacation or something.  That is why I have two (of almost everything) so that it is easy for a tank sitter to swap out.

If you have an flow meter such as APEX, it can alert if the flow goes to zero and the pump is on, which is also handy.


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Good luck with the pump.

As suggested above silicone grease is a must but they come heavily greased. I have been using the peristaltic tubing from amazon, it's only $10 for a long line of it, and cutting it to fit. I get about 800-1000 hours out of each line and use the same zip tie size it comes with. Make sure to cut the lengths at 77mm and tubing size is 3mm/5mm.

I had some sound when above 20ml/min, but now running at 6ml/min. I lowered the ph in my reactor and slowed the pump down. Ended up with same over all alk out and less effluent going in. Less effluent helped with ph levels. My tank has been at 10.5dkh with no more than a .2 swing for the last 4 months and that pump is the reason why. 

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