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Feedback please before I fill with saltwater


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20 minutes ago, nkaihani said:

Any feedback before I fill it up? Spacing: 11" in the back, 4" on the left, 15" on the right. Figured I'd give myself room on the right side to get to the back instead of center the tank and not be able to reach the back. 




I would angle it at 45°to that corner, it'll give you a better view and access from all 3 panels,also you can hide stuff behind it like the doser,cords. Just my opinion 

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If you’re planning on using that outlet, change that to GFCI (or make sure it’s on GFCI at the breaker…or both for redundancy). Could be the difference between a burnt down house or completely protected in case there is a spill. And all for $15. 


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